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Featured Content Gallery by iePlexus - WordPress Plugin

FCG Plugin | Developed & Supported by iePlexus
Featured Content Gallery is a WordPress plugin by iePlexus that creates an automated rotating image gallery of your posts or pages for use anywhere within your theme.

Completely customizable, the Featured Content Gallery by iePlexus is very easy to integrate. Choose to automate the plugin and simply add a custom field to each post or page you want to display and the gallery will show the image, an auto-generated thumbnail in the upper carousel, and the title and first few lines of page/post text. Advanced options allow inclusion of custom thumbnail images, text, gallery styles and transitions.

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(above) The Featured Content Gallery plugin by iePlexus in action | Pictures and light writing by Lichtfaktor

  • Install & Setup – Instructions for installing and configuring the plugin.
  • About – Updates, revisions, versions, and ideas for future functionality.
  • Showcase – View the best sites using the Featured Content Gallery plugin.
  • Forum – Post your plugin questions, issues, praise, or requests for support.

Download Featured Content Gallery WordPress PluginVersion 3.2.0 | Released 3.9.09
WordPress 2.7.1 Compatible
This WordPress Plugin is offered free under a GPL License
This WP Plugin developed, maintained and support by iePlexus