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About the Featured Content Gallery WordPress Plugin

Featured Content Gallery is a WordPress plugin developed from SmoothGallery, a javascript gallery using mootools v1.11 created by JonDesign.

FCG was originally transformed into a WordPress plugin by Jason Schuller.

The new FCG plugin has been updated and made WordPress 2.7 compatible by iePlexus, who is now assuming the responsibility of hosting, updating, and supporting the plugin.

About iePlexus: iePlexus is a social media advertising company headquartered just outside of Seattle, Washington. In business since 2005, iePlexus specializes in Web 2.0 marketing campaigns for e-commerce and service oriented online businesses. For more company, service and client information, visit



Featured Content Gallery WordPress Plugin Changelog

Version 3.2.0 Updates and Fixes:

  • Updated options page
  • Added option to randomize featured post/page IDs
  • Added option to dynamically change slide display duration
  • Added option to dynamically change slide fade duration
  • Added option to dynamically change carousel button name
  • Added option to dynamically change number of words displayed in text overlay
  • Added option to choose a slide transition type: Simple Fade; Slide Left with Fade; Continuous Horizontal; Continuous Vertical

Version 3.1.1 Updates and Fixes:

  • Moved CSS to an external PHP file so it does not display in the source code

Version 3.1.0 Updates and Fixes:

Version 3.0.1 Updates and Fixes:

  • Added original category selection functionality and option
  • Fixed validation error in
  • Fixed syntax error IE7 in
  • Added gallery image alt text option through a custom field and key “alttext”
  • Fixed CSS call in content-gallery.php to be absolute
  • Fixed CSS styling in to override theme styling
  • Added imageElement to CSS to speed up load and remove brief loading images

Version 3.0 Updates and Fixes:

  • Added option to include post or page IDs, integrated through the WordPress plugin Get-a-Post
  • Added option to add custom thumbnails through custom fields
  • Added option to add custom text through custom fields
  • Added option to specify gallery background, font, and border color
  • Tested WordPress 2.7 compatible – requires at least version 2.3
  • Updated options page and README file
  • Updated arrow images on either side of gallery
  • Removed light bulb image in center of gallery

Plans for Future Functionality:

  • Simplify choice of featured content in either option page or under each post/page
  • Resolve jQuery Conflict
  • Add dynamic CSS back into an external file
  • Add options to determine display and transition time length
  • Add option to specify transition style and color
  • Add video display functionality
  • Add functionality to dynamically change “Featured Content” text in carousel
  • Add ability to have multiple galleries and add them to individual pages or posts within WP


  • SmoothGallery javascript gallery by JonDesign
  • Original plugin development by Jason Schuller
  • Get-a-Post WordPress plugin by Kaf Oseo
  • Versions 3.0 and higher by Yelena Khamidullina and Kris Themstrup of iePlexus